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"Highest praise for Sofia! She worked with me for the three months I was living in Buenos Aires. Her approach makes enormously more sense to me than when I took a standard Spanish class in high school. Fundamentally, I think Sofia’s gift is that she understands the learning process and is able to put herself in the shoes of her students to craft intuitive and clear lessons. She’s also adept at highlight which concepts are particularly challenging for native English speakers to comprehend, which (a) helps the learning, and (b) allows me to be more forgiving of my many Spanish mistakes! Everything also felt highly customized to me and my level. To top it all off, Sofia is patient, fun, non-judgmental and just a lovely human being to be around. Not once did I feel embarrassed about speaking in front of her, which for me is an ideal learning environment. I miss being her student already. If you have the opportunity to study with Sofia, please do, you will learn a lot and have a great time!"

—  Brian, USA


"Sofia was the reason I decided to come to Argentina
I needed to learn Spanish as quickly as possible for work purposes. I was prepared to work hard and focus for as long as was needed. I debated whether to learn in Spain or somewhere in Latin America. I wanted to find quality teaching at a reasonable cost in a nice setting. I was stuck between Colombia, Argentina, Spain and Cuba. Prior to making my decision about which country to visit, I researched the potential teachers/ schools that would be able to help me and also the countries/ the dialects etc. I contacted several places and received helpful responses. But, the teacher that caught my attention was Sofia. Her website showed her knowledge of language and her passion for it. It was so important to have a teacher who was passionate about languages, as I am very passionate about them myself. We communicated over email for several weeks even before I had determined whether I was coming to Buenos Aires or not. I am self-aware enough to know that I am very demanding when it comes to learning languages (I speak five languages including Spanish) and I wanted to be sure about whether the teacher could meet my demanding needs. Sofia was very thorough in identifying my specific needs and deciding whether she could meet them. I found her extremely professional. She basically gave a lot of time and attention to a stranger who was not even sure if they were coming to Argentina or not! Indeed, the opportunity to be taught by Sofia was what ultimately influenced my decision to study in Argentina.


Sofia constantly thinks of the easiest ways for a student to learn the language – she basically does all the work….we just have to trust in her
I had picked up Spanish ten years ago just by listening and speaking in Bolivia. I knew NO grammar at all and needed to become pretty fluent as quickly as possible. Sofia did not disappoint. From the very first lesson, I realised that I would learn a lot from her. Her classes were exciting. She used all the senses to ensure that I felt Spanish rather than just learnt rules that I could recite. She used drawings on the board and imagination for visualising difficult grammar themes. She discussed themes that she knew I was passionate about. Her manner of teaching was so committed and passionate, that it was hard not to become so yourself. What I found amazing is that Sofia actually takes the time to think about how to teach. She thinks of the most efficient way to study. She does not just give you books and goes through them with you like almost every other teacher does (I know, I have been to several establishments). She actually invents a lot of her own material and she uses her experience as a teacher to think of the easiest ways to grasp the language.


Sofia is without doubt the best language teacher I have ever had
Sofia does not do the hard sell for you to attend her classes, unlike many establishments you will find. She is confident in her ability to teach and she is excellent at teaching. I was able to convince her to give me intensive lessons for the three months that I was in Argentina and in this space of time, I went from a B1 to a C1 very quickly. Even after I left Argentina, she continued teaching me via skype. The amazing thing about Sofia is that she has mastered the art of learning effectively and efficiently. She can do this in relation to all subjects, not just Spanish. For example, I needed to be able to confidently read a 2 -3 page Spanish article within 2 minutes and summarise it immediately. I cannot read fast in English, let alone Spanish, however, Sofia was able to teach me several techniques on how to do this. She used innovative methods to help me to improve continuously. When I left Argentina and went to Spain to prepare for the C1 DELE exam with another institution in Spain, I continued having lessons from Sofia as I trusted her methods. Her teaching actually gave me an advantage over others in the class. I managed to pass the C1 DELE exam and I also passed the work exam I had to do. I can credit this success to Sofia, as if it were not for her, I do not think I would have been at the level to even sit the C1 exam. Sofia was always prepared, professional, kind, friendly, helpful – all in all a super human being. I feel very privileged for being her student.


I rarely give written reviews about anything on the internet, but I am prepared to put my name to this review, as I wholeheartedly believe that Sofia is the best teacher of Spanish anyone could ever have. If you have the opportunity to study with her, please grab it with both hands. She is gold!"

—  Karen, England


"I studied with Sofía for the month of November, 2010 while I was in Buenos Aires. Simply put, Sofía is the best language teacher I have ever come across. I’m an intermediate Spanish student and was really looking for help with diving into conversations. Within the first half hour of meeting her she had an instuative feel for exactly what I needed and how to go about teaching it to me. I was also interested in exploring how the world is viewed and interpreted in a slightly different way through the Spanish language. What a treat it was to have these sorts of conversations with Sofía. She could easily charge double for what she provides."

—  John, USA


"Sofía is by far the best I could have ever found to improve my Spanish and she has also inspired me as a teacher in so many ways. One of the best aspects of her teaching is her ability to culturally explain complex grammatical structures which make them easily accessible -this, guys, you’ll never find in any textbook. Moreover, she is always enthusiastic when it is to talk about the Argentine culture. She designs material according to your needs and helps you gain confidence at speaking. Her classes are an absolute joy!!! Go for it!"

—  Nolwenn, France 


"I’ve been taking classes with Sofia for 3 years now and my level has improved so dramatically that people sometimes mistake me for an Argentine. Her classes are methodical, organized and personally customized to fit each individual student’s level, needs, interests and learning style. She is not only professionally trained in grammar and syntax but loves studying, analyzing and theorizing about it. Some of my favorite classes with Sofia have been hours-long discussions on the most specific and in-depth grammar topics. She is patient, funny, charismatic, super cool and FULL of infectious energy – it is impossible to not learn with her. If you are looking to be challenged, have fun and significantly improve your Spanish skills, get in contact with her!"

—  Claire, USA 


"I have studied with Sofia in person in B.A. and am continuing via Skype from the U.S. She is an amazing guide and teacher, with the ability to figure out exactly what I need to improve my Spanish in practical ways. Her enthusiasm for the structure and function of language have helped her develop unique approaches to a number of sticky aspects of Spanish for non-native speakers. Classes with Sofia are both fun and incredibly productive!"

—  Kate, USA


"Having extensive experience with studying languages I can definitely recommend Sofia as a great option for private Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires! Sofia is very knowledgeable, professional and pleasant. Most importantly, she has a great methodology and the rare ability to break down complicated concepts into simpler ones. With her, even the most difficult grammar rules and verb conjugations become easy to remember and to use when most needed! I have made great progress in my understanding and use of the Spanish language thanks to her and will definitely contact her again for more classes!"

—  Irene, Switzerland


"To put it simply, Sofía is awesome. I’ve had other Spanish teachers and she is head and shoulders above the rest. She teaches in a way that I have never been taught before. It’s much more interesting than the textbook nonsense you learn in school. She challenges you to think about how and why language works the way it does. I came to Sofía with intermediate level Spanish and she has really helped me take my Spanish to the next level. I enjoy my classes immensely. On top of that she’s a super cool person. She’s worth every centavo!"

—  Ephraim, USA


"I received tutoring from Sofía for two months while I was studying abroad at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires. I strongly wish that I would have found out about her tutoring service before because her private lessons have been so beneficial to me. I can’t say it enough. She explains grammatical concepts in ways that make so much more sense than the way I have been taught in university courses. For example, a common struggle for English speakers learning Spanish is figuring out that darn subjunctive; with her I felt like I finally got it. In addition to teaching well, she is also very well prepared – we would go over exercises she had given me and she would provide the perfect examples to explain points on which I was confused. I would always come out of there feeling more confident in my Spanish language skills. On top of all that she is so friendly and funny."

—  Tiphaine, USA


"Sofía is by far the single best language teacher I have ever had in my life. I have studied many languages in my lifetime – French, Dutch, Italian, Mandarin and recently Spanish. I can say unequivocally that Sofía has the best grasp of her language of any teacher with whom I have studied. Many language teachers have not chosen language teaching as their profession; they come to it for a variety of reasons and are often ill prepared to teach. By contrast, Sofía’s university degree is in linguistics and it shows – the depth and breadth of her knowledge of the Spanish language is inspiring. Her explanations are extremely clear and easy to understand. She also has an uncanny ability to quickly determine your learning style and cater to it. She is in high demand because great quality teaching is always in high demand. If you are serious about learning Spanish – really understanding it and speaking it well – then Sofía is the teacher for you."

—  Cheryl, Australia


"I’ve taken a number of language classes from various teachers so I can report with confidence: First, her classes and homework assignments are creative and fun! And because Sofía is so passionate about the study of language as language and truly loves what she does, her teaching is on another level altogether. For example, she didn’t just teach me grammar, she challenged me to understand the deeper logic and conceptual assumptions underlying whatever grammatical structure we were discussing. Often she would explain how something worked grammatically and then ask me to explain to her why it should work that way. At times she made me feel like both student and linguistic collaborator. This is truly gifted teaching folks, and if you want to fast track not just talking but thinking and “seeing” in spanish, take lessons with Sofía."

—  Noah, USA


"The rumors are true! I’ve studied spanish on and for years and can say Sofia is in a league of her own. Sofia teaches in a very dynamic and non traditional way, no fill-in-the-blanks worksheets! She will adapt whatever you are struggling with to the lesson and simplifies complex topics. Her endless energy and wit ensure you stay motivated and enjoy the lessons."

—  Belinda, Australia


"I’m embarrassed to admit how long I’d been studying Spanish before I met Sofia. But I’m very glad that I did finally meet her because she’s the *best* Spanish teacher that I’ve had in those many years, edging out professors at some of the top colleges in the US. Sofia and I did two hours of tutoring every day for about two weeks, and with her help, I feel like we took my Spanish to the next level. Sofia took the time to identify my most common errors. Her training as a sociolinguist is very useful in this regard, as she worked in a systematic way to help me address and understand those errors, as well as the “Spanish” and “English” worldview that is reflected in certain grammatical structures. To boot, Sofia is extremely intelligent, kind, and funny. I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

—  Allison, USA


"If Sofi has time and accepts you as one of her students, Congratulations! You have just won the jackpot of Learning Spanish. Truth is, Sofi won’t just teach you textbook Spanish. No, with Sofi, you will not just learn what the Spanish language is about, but how to speak it like a local, instead of like a foreigner with a textbook! That’s not to say that you won’t get all the crucial grammar and vocabulary – Sofi is truly a gifted teacher who can present, explain, and break down the Spanish language to you in a way that only a true linguist can. And the best part is that she’s so nice and fun that you won’t even feel like you’re studying or learning at all – you’ll just feel like you’re chatting with a smart, funny, and nice Argentinean gal! I consider myself very lucky to have met her and to have studied with her – I wish for you the same opportunity as well!"

—  Julia, USA


"I can say that Sofía is the best language teacher I have ever met. I am travelling in South America and planned to spend one month to learn some basic spanish. I have studied in a language school for two week and found that the group class is not an effective way to learn in short time. I have also take private class in the school, but it is expensive and the quality teacher is in question. the one I encountered was playing her phone during my private lessons. I felt frustrated in the second week and search for another teacher on the internet and found Sofía.
Sofía is a qualified tearcher with passion on language. She teached me many useful way to learn and use the language. She has also located my weakness areas and helped me improve them. After around 30 hours of learning from Sofía, i get some sense of spanish and can communicate in spanish slowly. I highly recommend Sofía to those who want to learn spanish in Buenos Aires."

—  Argo, Hong Kong


"I have had the pleasure of taking classes with Sofia (through varying frequencies) over 9 months. To be honest, I first arrived timidly at her doorstep with a mismatch of grammar and one very big fear of talking. Not only did she help target my weaknesses but further improved my strengths to give me the confidence I needed to speak amongst even the fastest of porteños. With her unique style of teaching (classes are never boring or seem insurmountable no matter how hard the topic may be) things just seemed to click in my head and to this day her voice echoes in my head when I’m speaking! She has a natural talent for extracting YOUR talent (however deep in fear it may be hidden) and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her guidance. Do yourself a favor and book into her busy schedule now (there is a reason she is so busy!) You will not regret it."

—  Beth, Australia


"Sofia is an excellent Spanish teacher, she has a thorough knowledge of the Spanish language and linguistics in general, and is truly passionate about teaching and studying languages. Most importantly, she’s just fun to be around, she’s easy to talk to and I always look forward to seeing her! Sofia worked with me to create a study plan and learning style that suits my needs, and I enjoyed being able to focus on the specific areas that I needed to work on, combining conversation and grammar and culture. Outside of our classes, I’ve had a great time seeing music and getting together with Sofia and other students, she always organizes great outings to see music and events around the city! She has a great energy and teaching style, I highly recommend Spanish classes with Sofia!"

—  Eliza, USA


Sofia – what can I say!!  When I started to learn Spanish, I took a course at a University.  It was good, but a little intimidating as the group was of various levels, and many were already bilingual with a good grasp of ‘conjugating verbs’.  In the end I found I lost my confidence, and the road to learning Spanish ahead was looking tough.  Then a good friend recommended Sofia, and I’ve never looked back.  I have felt totally comfortable with Sofia right from the off, and have enjoyed every lesson. She really knows her stuff!!   I always come out feeling like I’ve moved on, and now I can hold a conversation quite easily.  The way Sofia explains things to you is quite brilliant, she is very patient and very warm and not for one minute do you feel ‘in over your head’.  She has a remarkable talent for pacing the lesson to fit you, and sometimes, to change it there on the spot. I would recommend Sofia to every single person that wants to learn Spanish!  She’s great!

—  Lorna, England


"I cannot overstate what an excellent experience I’ve had with Sofía. After taking group lessons at a language school and trying out another private tutor, I found Sofía and it was like everything finally clicked. She’s incredible! Her understanding of languages enable her to explain even the most complicated things in a way that just makes sense. I can’t count how many classes I left feeling SO excited because I’d finally figured out why I kept making a certain error, or how to use a tense or phrase that had always confused me. Her approach is extremely personalized, she’s always able to zero in on the areas where I struggle and get me to turn a corner and have that “a-ha!” moment. Of course, I don’t think I will ever love subjuntivo, but… As an added bonus, she’s just a pleasure to be around. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Sofía as a Spanish tutor."

—  Katrina, USA


"I worked with Sofie for some private Spanish lessons and was extremely impressed on her knowledge of the language and what makes learning Spanish difficult for foreigners/English speakers. I have had many Spanish teachers and tutors in my life, but I found Sofie’s knowledge and approach to be higher than many others I have come across."

—  Meghan, USA


"My Spanish teacher is the absolute best. She’s a linguist as well as a teacher and has a really innovative approach to teaching that makes conjugation and tenses much easier. Get in touch with Sofía Böhmer if you want to organise a lesson."

—  Lindsay, England


"Sofia has ways of explaining grammatical concepts that are easy to understand, remember and then apply. She utilizes a variety of methods, resources and exercises to help her students learn and practice language skills that cover everything from listening, reading & comprehension, speaking & pronunciation as well as writing for both informal and more formal situations. Carefully listening and observing, Sofia easily caters and customizes lessons to best serve each client’s needs, gaps or stage of learning. She also helped me to understand more about the culture and habits of the Argentines that enabled me to engage more effectively with the people I met. Sofia clearly enjoys what she does which helps her to create a supportive, engaging atmosphere conducive to learning. It was a pleasure to work with her!"

—  Mary, USA


"Sofía is one of the best Spanish teachers, if not the best, I have ever had (studying 20+ years). She is able to draw connections between the theory/grammar behind a concept and how to put it into actual practice. I would not hesitate to recommend Sofía at any level of Spanish learning. She will tailor lessons exactly to suit your needs, and you’ll become more confident in your language skills in no time, whether you are a novice or near-fluent and trying to perfect the “castellaño” of Buenos Aires."

—  Jennifer, USA


"I came to Sofia with only a very basic understanding of spanish. Over the course of hour weeks, however, she was able to improve my knowledge of the language immensely, using a very hands-on, focussed teaching style very unlike what one experiences in group “intensive” classes. Sofia was able to pinpoint where i was struggling and target activities that improved my weak areas, but also the hours I spent with her were structured in the sense that I always felt as though we were progressively working towards our previously agreed goal (I had said that i wanted to be able to converse in everyday situations). By the end of my time in Buenos Aires, I had learned more in my 15 or so hours with Sofia than I had during my 35 hours in intensive classes.  Plus, Sofia’s classes were far more engaging and fun. Highly, highly recommended."

—  Mark, England


"Sofia has a gift for teaching to the strengths and needs of each student.  She quickly zeroed in on my level of proficiency, my learning ability, and the amount of time I had for this set of lessons.  She has the ability to know when to push and when to lighten up in favor of making sure the lesson at hand sticks.  Her enthusiasm for teaching came through as she made each lesson feel fresh and new.  Her expertise and knowledge was apparent as she tailored each lesson, with humor and originality, to my ability and even energy level on a particular day.  The completeness of her approach deepens the learning and always made me enthusiastic for the next lesson."

—  Barbara, USA


"Sofia is of a different caliber when it comes to language tutors. From the first class, I was hooked and immediately challenged. Her instruction is completely innovative and tailored to each student. She is patient, so sweet, and will do whatever it takes to help you master the intricacies of Argentine Spanish. I honestly looked forward to going to class each day. She completely adapted her lessons to my questions and level as I advanced from my experiences in daily life in BA. I had studied with several language tutors previously, but nothing compared to Sofia. I am so glad that I was able to study with her."

—  Jesse, USA


"I spent two years with Sofía Böhmer once a week and soon reached a very good intermediate level.. She is a very gifted teacher that you learn without realizing that were taught. Amazing talent to adapt to the persons requirements and learning style."

—  John, Australia


"I studied with Sofia and couldn’t recommend a teacher more highly. Not only is Sofia ‘fun loving and enthusiastic’, social, and radiant, but she also has perfected the art of teaching Spanish to foreigners. A scholar of cognitive linguistics, Sofia finds pleasure in language and has developed her own methods for conveying often difficult to explain nuances with very straight forward diagrams. She custom tailors lessons to your needs.Sofia meets you either at a charming cafe in Palermo, or your own home."

—  Annie, USA


"There are no two ways around it, Sofia is the best teacher i have ever had for any subject, let alone Spanish. Within the first lesson she clearly figures out the best way to get language points across to you, and is incredibly patient. What i liked the most was the lack of that classroom feeling, and more of the personal approach. She didnt just fire gramatical structures at me, but instead i learnt through visuals, video, songs, etc etc, making each lesson different and interesting. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone, and in fact already have!"

—  Charli, England


"My wife and I moved to Buenos Aires to work with a church. We spent two months studying at the University of Buenos Aires, which was very helpful. However, we felt that we needed one on one attention in order to improve more rapidly and achieve the levels of Spanish we wanted. A friend recommended Sofia to us, and we couldn’t have been happier! Sofia has a wonderful way of explaining difficult concepts in ways that you can easily understand and put into practice. Her lessons are fun and entertaining, and she is easily able to adjust to any questions that you might have about the language and or special needs you might require. Thanks to Sofia we were able to teach in Spanish, hold long conversations with our friends, and discuss indepth topics that we never could have accomplished without her help and guidance. One of the best things about classes with Sofia, however, is that she is simply enjoyable to be around. She likes to have fun and makes all of the classes interesting. We always laughed when we were together, and we always looked forward to the classes that week."

—  Daniel & Megan, USA


"Sofía was, and still is, the best spanish (castellano, por supuesto) instructor I’ve ever had. While I was living in Argentina, I made it a point to take two-to-three classes a week to continue polishing up on my language skills and get as fluent as I possibly could. Though I had some great teachers at a few of the language schools in Buenos Aires, I was lucky enough to 1) get in touch with Sofía through a friend and 2) be able to meet with her twice a week. Instead of a normal language class that has a set curriculum, Sofía worked with me to create custom lesson plans so that I could learn exactly what I wanted. We read complex news articles and political documents in Spanish, discussed and analyzed them, and then she had me write essays based off of them. She took my Spanish to a new level, and she will be one of the first people I get in touch with when I return to el capital federal for a visit. If she has space in her schedule, there is no reason you shouldn’t try to get a spanish lesson from her. She’s the best."

—  Gavin, USA


"Sofia taught me for 7 weeks and I was an absolutely beginner. I never had Spanish lessons before and thanks to Sofia I am able to speak Spanish after my time in Buenos Aires. She really helped me and if I come back to Buenos Aires for another Spanish course I know where to go. Thank you Sofia."

—  Markus, Switzerland


"She’s absolutely the best language teacher I’ve ever had. I have had quite a few Spanish teachers since high school and I wish she had been there for me from the start. She’s ALWAYS prepared and also open to sidetracking from her plan if I have a random question. You should just trust her. Sometimes I wasn’t sure how I would be able to pick something up and he could read my concern and just say “trust me”. I did and it was worth it. She always found a way to breakthrough any confusion or difficulty. All with a big smile the whole time! FINALLY!! I didn’t want to fork up the money at first because I found her rates to be a dollar or two more than some others but I’m so glad that I followed someone’s reviews about her and enrolled in lessons. This porteña is on point and as skilled as you can get. If she were a martial arts teacher this sensei could churn out Bruce Lee!"

—  Sergio, USA


"If you are looking for a Spanish tutor in BA, I highly recommend Sofia. She has the ability to make even the most difficult concepts easy to understand.Though I had completed the entire curriculum of university level Spanish grammar courses, there were still many concepts that never made sense to me. Sofia was able to explain these concepts in ways that make sense, unlike many Spanish textbooks and courses. My friends were shocked and impressed at how much my Spanish had improved after 3 months of working with her. The saddest thing about leaving BA was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to continue tutoring with Sofia!"

—  Jein, USA


"Sofía was the best spanish teacher I ever had. She knows the in’s and out’s of languages and does a good job of relating with her students. She knows how to make learning fun and helps students get a feel for Argentine and Porteno culture. She is a complete sweetheart and is extremely patient which is important when teaching a language. I really lucked out on having her for an instructor. I would recommend her to anyone."

—  Matt, USA


"When I arrived in BA, I had never studied Spanish before. After five weeks of lessons with four different teachers, a Porteno friend of mine finally recommended Sofia to me. From the outset, she was very helpful in evaluating my comprehension, and designing classes to develop my skills as efficiently as possible. After a little more than two months with her, I was able to function with relative ease in everyday life in BA. Gracias Sofi!"

—  Trent, Canada


"Woops, I vote for Sofia too! I like her for two reasons: her ability to teach and her ability to motivate. There are a lot of Spanish teachers out there but many of them are not as qualified. Just because you speak Spanish doesn’t mean you know how to teach Spanish! Some started teaching because they think it’s a good source of 2nd income. Yes, I’ve had them. They spoke good Spanish, of course as they are natives. But they can’t explain to you clearly and logically the why’s. Sofia can always find a way to explain some complicated grammar issues down to something simple and easily digestible. I can’t tell you how many times I showed up in her class, unprepared and tired (yes, I dance tango too, btw!) But she didn’t let my sluggishness set the tone for the class. She is always enthusiastic and upbeat, like a cheerleader.  I walked out her class feeling more energetic and motivated. Go figure! I hope this 2nd endorsement of Sofia doesn’t come across like a spam. She has a lot of fans!"

—  Jingzi, USA


"Sofia was an excellent Spanish instructor! I met with her for about 2 and 1/2 months while I was staying in Buenos Aires. I came to Argentina speaking no Spanish at all and she helped me to not only speak enough to get around, but kept me challenged and had me do numerous exercises for everyday living and speaking. I learned more Spanish in 2 and 1/2 months with her, than I did in two semesters in college and two years in high school! Could not recommend her more!"

—  Amanda, USA


"Amazing teacher and structured program. You are guaranteed to achieve what you are after. I studied with Sofia in Buenos Aires for about 6 weeks to refresh my skills (Intermediate) and try to advance some more. She conquered some really tricky subjects (for native English speakers) with mastery because she was able to position her lessons from my perspective and natural assumptions about how language should function and therefore, why I was prone to making some mistakes over and over. Another aspect of her mastery is the intensity of the class: she puts you under enough pressure that you are forced to just speak and blurt out what you can which is critical in breaking through the fear we have of trying and failing. All the mistakes wash out and you realise that what really mattered most was projecting your intention – the rest follows with gentle corrections here and there and ongoing practice of some core grammar rules. Amazing teacher, amazing program. Wonderful person too."

—  Kerri, Canada


"I found Sofia randomly through the Internet and am so glad I did.  She is undoubtedly one of the best, most energetic teachers I have ever had!  Her teaching has done wonders for my Spanish and I can’t recommend her enough.  Muchas gracias por todo!!"

—  Amy, USA


"I spent 7 months in BA. I first went to a school and had private lessons. Then, a friend of mine recommended Sofia so I decided to try here out. She was much better than the school and she has exceptional knowledge in linguistics (which not all professors have). She was well prepared every class and increased my ability to speak Span. 10X!!!! These are very affordable lessons and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!Sophia, cuando regreso, voy a llamarte y sacar mas clases. Gracias!"

—  Cyrus, USA


"Sofia is a born teacher! She is able to explain grammar so that even the dumbest of fools can understand. As a native spanish speaker who herself studied English for many years, she knows the trials and tribulations that come with learning a new language. As a result, she is very patient and uses various methods of teaching to always keep the class new and exciting. It is easy to see she is very passionate about languages, cultures, people and teaching. I took classes with Sofia for several weeks and her personality won me over. Not only is she a wonderful, creative teacher, but a fun-loving, exciting young professional! I would HIGHLY recommend Sofia to students of all levels."

—  Caroline, USA


"It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you manage to score 45 minutes of Sofía’s time each week, you have found the fountain of Spanish knowledge! Learn via Skype or in person, with Sofía’s innovative way of teaching what can be daunting grammar and in no time you will be rolling off the multiple tenses like you’re born to be a linguist! Be inspired, challenged & rewarded in discovering not only the Spanish language but the cultural nuances with Sofía" 

—  Katie, Australia


"If I were to be able to take Sofía’s Spanish lessons in the states, I would still be one of her students! I was referred to her services through a former student of The New School while undergoing the International Field Program requirement in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sofía is hip, cool, and masterfully equipped to educate anyone! I went into her lessons with a less-than-average understanding of the Spanish language and she was able to meet me where I was and to develop a practical (and personal) plan for success. Overall, I couldn’t recommend Sofía enough!"

—  Paul, USA


"Sofía was exactly what I was looking for when I needed a Spanish teacher during my time in Buenos Aires. I majored in Spanish in college, but I still needed help with a few of the tougher aspects of Spanish grammar. Sofía provided tailor-made lessons for me, addressing my weaknesses/ areas that I wanted to cover. I like Sofía’s teaching style because she challenged me. She would not just lecture, but asked me questions. She never spoon-fed me the answers, but waited patiently while I formulated an answer. I think the key to her success is that her lessons are challenging but engaging. She also teaches in creative, unconventional ways, which keeps her students engaged in learning. She has a true passion for teaching, and she’s just an all-around interesting, bubbly, and friendly person. If you take lessons with Sofía, you will not be disappointed!"

—  Kalli, USA


"As someone who loves language, I spent a long time searching for my Spanish teacher. Sofia was recommended by someone on BA Expats, and as soon as I saw her website I knew that I would love her. Her passion for linguistics, clarity of vision, intelligence and warmth were all very apparent on the website, and equally evident in our first class. Sofia is always in control — of the material and of the structure and pace of each lesson. There is never a question that throws her, never a moment when she doesn’t see where my brain is going. That is a rare quality in a teacher; she is able to size up exactly how I learn best. Judging from all the other comments, I’m not the only one who feels this way. And aside from everything, Sofia is full of charm and enthusiasm. What more could you ask for in a teacher?"

—  Sheryl, Canada

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